How to get a free course from Artkipelago?


Artkipelago is a learning haven for artists, an online educational platform where creatives of all levels can find a variety of courses, webinars, and workshops taught by industry experts with a track record of accomplishment. Twinky Lagdameo established Artkipelago. Twinky continues to focus on the development and discovery of fresh talent and music, as she has always been a champion for artists.

Artkipelago offers a wide array of courses from content creation, film making, music, production management, and performance arts. Product design leader Dino Ignacio, Grammy-nominated producer/composer Lugo Gonzalez, music data insights manager Jason Joven, singer/songwriter Nyoy Volante, content creator Jako De Leon, music manager Geoff Langston, singer/songwriter/producer Jay Durias, and many others are among their mentors.

The said courses are available on their website you can enroll in just a few clicks. Plus, they don’t cost a fortune and won’t put a whole in your pockets. But with the mission to reach more creatives and have the courses accessible to the many, Artkipelago has partnered up with some of the biggest platforms in the country, such as the Inquirer, Kumu, Vispop to create opportunities where you can enroll to any of the courses for free.

How to get a free course from Artkipelago?

   1. Inquirer Scholarship

The Inquirer Foundation, in collaboration with the online learning platform Artkipelago, is awarding 300 scholarships to high school and college students, recent graduates, and young professionals who want to study Artkipelago video-on-demand (VOD) courses between April and December 2022.

The Inquirer-Artkipelago partnership covers the following VOD courses:

  • Create Innovation to Design, All-in-One: Discovering a Different Approach to Making Music
  • Find your Fans: Connecting Artists and Fans with Data
  • How to Get Hired: Learn to Create Music for a Client
  • Shine Online: Intro to Content Creation
  • Pitch Craft: The Basics of Selling Your Creative Work
  • Launching Stars: Intro to Music Management
  • Make Things Happen: Intro to Production Management
  • Freestyle Rules: Basic Guitar Improvisation
  • Music Creation: A Crash Course from Songwriting to Production
  • Show Don’t Tell: Become and Effective Screenwriter
  • Home Recording: Producing a Demo like a Pro

The mechanics:

For interested students and young professionals, you can send the Inquirer Foundation a one page essay and write what you are passionate about, together with a brief profile and your chosen creative course and send it to You can go to their facebook page to learn more.

   2. VISPOP Contest

Vispop, or Visayan Pop Music Festival, is a Cebuano national songwriting campaign and competition for pop music compositions that began in Cebu City, Philippines, in 2012. Artists and Musicians Marketing Cooperative is organizing the tournament (Artist Ko). It was held in collaboration with the Filipino Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers from 2013 to 2017. (FILSCAP). The winning submissions in the campaign were hits on several regional FM radio stations, even those in non-Cebuano speaking areas. The name "Vispop" has also come to refer to and describe songs created for the contest as well as modern Cebuano music.

And now Vispop is back and with its partnership with Artkipelago, they are giving away P150,000 worth of video-on-demand courses. Go to and type the keyword SCHOLARSHIP for more details!

  3. Artkipelago Giveaway Contest Of course Artkipelago has their own giveaway contest to be able to spread and reach more creatives. Get a chance to win one of the 10 free slots for these courses:
  • ALL-IN-ONE: Discovering a Different Approach to Making Music
  • FREESTYLE RULES: Basic Guitar Improvisation
  • HE SAID, SHE SAID: An Intro to Musical Theater
  • LAUNCHING STARS: Intro to Music Management
  • MAKE THINGS HAPPEN: Intro to Production Management

The mechanics:
  1. Choose the course you want to learn
  2. Comment on this post "I want to learn + name of the course" and tag two friends to join you.
  3. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.
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  8. Don't miss out on your chance to WIN! Join and enter today. Winners will be announced this May. Learn more about it here.

    Being a creative here in the Philippines can indeed become a very fruitful and successful career path. And with these courses offered by Artkipelago, you can be sure that your potential and passion won’t go unnoticed and wasted. So be sure to join all these contests and giveaways and don’t miss your chance to get a free course. And to learn more about Artkipelago, their courses and programs, as well as the list of mentors they have on their roster, simply go to