Calling All Creative People: Artkipelago Is Now Here!


     Think about all your idols, the people who basically made you want to get into acting, writing, film, or music. Have you ever wanted to fan-cast your art school AU? Imagine: mastering music production with Gary V himself in the morning, getting direct notes on your acting chops from Audie Gemora and Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo in the afternoon, and topping off the day with some fool-proof tricks in managing a film set with Jag Garcia.

     While you may shrug it off as a mere possibility in the far, far future, the mentors of your dreams are now faculty of the latest online learning platform for creative people. Artkipelago is your new virtual school for the arts. Established as a partner alongside the government and the private sector in building a robust environment for creatives to not just freely pursue their passions, but also become successful members of one of the country’s rising industries.

     Though all the mumbo jumbo of economics and business might be a little too technical for those of us who just want to learn a new creative skill, rest assured: Artkipelago isn’t your typical arts academy. It welcomes any and all creative souls – from hobbyists wanting to get serious to seasoned professionals looking to fine tune their craft – and gives them control over when and how they’ll take the courses. Offering sessions in video on demand, webinar, and workshop formats, the platform is open to any kind of student, learning style, and interest level.

     But perhaps what truly distinguishes Artkipelago from other schools is the fact that it turns the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of learning from beloved luminaries into an easily accessible experience. Aside from the infinitely adaptable course design, enrollees get practical wisdom from true success stories at an affordable price. And with the help of sponsors and partners through the Artkista Scholarship Program, this invaluable insider knowledge is made available to promising artists who are short on means via free course vouchers. There’s really no other place that lets you say that you were an apprentice to your art heroes!

     At the helm of this new learning oasis are four enterprising visionaries – music maven Twinky Lagdameo, live events producer and software developer Jay Adlao Block, music executive Ian Monsod, and lyricist and music producer Gina Tabuena-Godinez. They are the brains and the Board behind the latest platform. To them, Artkipelago is the open haven for creatives on the Internet; a place to share knowledge that only comes from experience, to meet like-minded artists, and to truly enjoy learning from people who actually know what they’re talking about.

     If you’re ready to enroll into your dream prof’s class, take your pick now at Artkipelago Course Page