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Some may say that producing a film is just about money. While it can be partly true, the essence of producing starts from the core of every film itself: THE CREATIVE IDEA.

From a creative standpoint, let’s go on a journey that can help you jumpstart a film project. Starting from crafting an idea and knowing how to package your project to stages of seeking funding, production proper, and choosing where to exhibit your works. This course will also shed light on the importance of a creative producer, including their crucial role in every film project.

Track: Film

Format: Video on Demand

  1. 01
    • Let’s start this course by identifying the lesser-known role of a Creative Producer and their important role in a film project. We will also identify the roles each “producer” has in a film project, breaking the stereotype...

  2. 02
    • Starting with identifying how the creative process works, we will briefly dive into how we can develop ideas for a story as well as understand the importance of how a script works.

  3. 03
    • A film project is a combination of the efforts of many. In this chapter, we will get to know the hierarchy of film production, understand each role, and pick the right people for your project.

  4. 04
    • In this chapter, you will learn one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of a film project: how to creatively package your project. We will tackle the steps you need to prepare to pique the interest of potential investors and collaborators...

  5. 05
    • Armed with a ready-to-pitch project, the next step is finding those who can provide the means to greenlight your film. We will go beyond asking family and friends for money – this is some serious stuff – including insider information...

  6. 06
    • From a creative producer’s perspective, we will go through the filming process and the creative decisions made for a smooth process. Let’s also peek inside the editing room and how decisions made during filming affect post-production...

  7. 07
    • In this last step, we will discuss how a film can be exhibited to an audience. You will gain an understanding of how you can choose the proper venue for your films and how you can reach a wider audience.

  8. 08
    • Finally, it is time to take a look at some film projects. How they were made, and the creative ways they did to transition from concept to screen can serve as an inspiration for your projects.

  9. 09
    • As we end this course, let’s take a look back at the items we learned and how we can apply these to our projects.