Lesson 1: Introduction & Meet your Mentor

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Jag Garcia

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Course Description

Behind the magic of movies, TV, digital content, wedding videos, and live events is a person who makes sure the imagined magic happens as planned.

Learn about the importance of Production Management and the crucial role that the Production Manager (PM) has in the execution of an audiovisual production. Understand the nuances of Production Management, gain practical techniques, and be informed of the tools necessary to “get the job done” be it a small, humble production or a big-budget one.

Track: Film

Format: Video On Demand

Date: May 1, 2022

Duration: 2.5 hours

  1. 01
    • Meet filmmaker and educator Jag Garcia as he shares his personal background and journey in production. Is this field meant for you? Click to find out.

  2. 02
    • The Production Manager plays a crucial role in the success of a project. Let's explore the Production Manager's place in the greater scheme of audiovisual productions and how management comes into play vis-a-vis the creative aspect of production.

    • Workshop Material

    • Assignment: Script Breakdown

  3. 03
    • The one resource that we have very little control over, but must manage with the utmost dedication is time. Through this video, explore aspects of time management and tools that will serve you well as you proceed with the development of a project.

    • Assignment: Time Management

  4. 04
    • Yes, making a film requires money - or something similar to it! In this video we will take a perspective on the nature of money and filmmaking resources, and through this perspective manage and maximize it to realize the project to its best potential.

    • Assignment: Budget

  5. 05
    • People are the most volatile variable in any audiovisual production. Gain a pragmatic view of how people and personnel affect productions. We will introduce tools which will (hopefully) mitigate the realities that are the fallible human being.

    • Assignment: Crew Sheets

    • Assignment: Call Sheet

  6. 06
    • Something has to happen somewhere. In this video we will look at film locations and how the Production Manager is crucial to making it work for a project. We will look at location management and the logistical aspects that come along with its use.

    • Assignment: Location Site Surveys

  7. 07
    • An overview of Intellectual Property laws, rights, and limitations; Prepare and be more conscious of rights and other legal matters as preventing legal concerns is always better (and cheaper) than paying the price for legal action.

    • Assignment: Legal Forms

    • Resource: Non Disclosure Agreement

    • Resource: Talent Release Form

    • Resource: Crew and Talent Contract

    • Resource: License Agreement

  8. 08
    • A look into the concept of risk management from the perspective of Production Management; this session will also introduce an easy-to-use, but pragmatic, Risk Assessment Tool that may mitigate the impact of incidents in a production.

    • Assignment: Risk Assessment

  9. 09