Philippine Creative Industries Development Bill Up for Final Reading


     At the tip of almost every creative’s tongue the past year has been “creative industry”, all thanks to the Philippine Creative Industries Development Bill. The Act pushed by Rep. Toff de Venecia has gotten approved on its third and final reading by the congress! This bill is also the first law that the Special Committee on Creative Industry and Performing Arts have passed.

     House Bill 10107 is a major move from the Arts and Culture and Creative Industries Bloc (ACCIB) to provide infrastructure to the several creative industries in the country, through streamlining government assistance, defining the various creative industries, and promoting a healthy environment for creatives to continue their work.

     Creative groups from all disciplines are abuzz with great plans for the future of the sector. Hundreds of artists and industry professionals have expressed their strong support for the bill through banding together under the Creative Industries Philippines (CIP) campaign, with even high-profile industry veterans following suit like Lea Salonga, John Arcilla, Twinky Lagdameo, Zsa Zsa Padilla, and Celeste Legaspi.