January 19, 2022, Wednesday - If there’s one thing the worldwide pandemic has taught all of us, it’s that the future will always be in the hands of those who welcome change with a healthy perspective and who are continuously excited for the evolution of everything around us – to both recognize potential and take the proverbial first step into the exciting and new reality.

    And ARTKIPELAGO is pleased to be the first to take that leap.

    Artkipelago is a revolutionary online learning platform designed for both beginners (who want to get serious…) and professionals - who wish to fine-tune their potential - in this virtual school for the arts, which offers courses in major creative fields, like music, film, the performing arts, and more creative courses will be added almost every month. Featuring carefully curated programs with various learning modes to choose from – be it live webinars, workshops, and video-on-demand (VOD) learning modes – Artkipelago rides the wave of the future, being highly adaptable to one and all’s interests, skill-level and of course, schedule.

    But that’s not the only perk… in fact, what sets Artkipelago apart from other online schools that have tried a similar approach is that a veritable who’s-who in the various industries have come together and make up the very faculty of this platform: that’s right – students will be guided by a veritable A-list of Filipino creative luminaries who will not just simply teach, but INTERACT and speak about their art with expertise and depth, brought about by first-hand knowledge and practical wisdom. A few names from this stellar, ever-growing lineup include Grammy-nominated international music producer Lugo Gonzalez, ITCHYWORMS guitarist Chino Singson, songwriters Jim Paredes, Jay Durias and Nyoy Volante, musical theater luminaries Audie Gemora and Menchu Lauchengco, creatives Dino Ignacio and writer JB Tapia, and UK-based Geoff Langston, who will – for the very first time – be teaching the role of music manager AND tackling the subject of mental and emotional wellness’ role in maximizing creativity during these times… to name a distinguished few.

    In short, this is not just a simple course: it’s an experience that simply cannot be found elsewhere, as the journey doesn’t end when the course does; after attendees receive their formal certificates and credentials upon completion of their respective courses, they will immediately be given the opportunity to build their professional network and be part of an ever-growing community and collaborate both with fellow course-mates and mentors.

    Without a doubt, this comes at a time when we need it the most, as both the government and the private sector are teaming up to rebuild the country’s pandemic-battered creative economy until it ultimately contributes to the country’s GDP – and at the same time re-establish the country’s knack for always being at the forefront of creativity and the arts. And soon, via partnerships with the country’s biggest institutions like the E. Zobel Foundation, Artkipelago will also focus on granting scholarships to deserving students to either begin – or further – their creative learning. Needless to say, no one will be excluded from this very promising program.

    The platform was established and put together by four visionary, enterprising artists that serve as the brains and board of the school: music maven Twinky Lagdameo, live events producer and software developer Jay Adlao Block, music executive Ian Monsod and composer Gina Tabuena-Godinez. It is now officially online and ready to transform eager minds into world-class professionals, and provide them with long and lucrative careers. Truly, this will signal the rise of Filipino Creativity once again. FIN

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