ON THE ROCKS with Jamie Wilson Featuring Artkipelago Mentors


What do you look for in a Mentor? Brace yourselves, As Jamie Wilson talks to some of the most interesting Mentors in Artkipelago, including Grammy- nominated Producer Lugo Gonzalez, Production Manager and Director Jag Garcia, Music Manager Geoff Langston, Screenwriter and Film Critic Wanggo Gallaga, Songwriter and Music Producer Gino Cruz. His guests share how they started, how they moved up to success, what its like to be in the industry and any advice they have for us today. Every path is different. A career in the creative industry is anything but linear. Let’s learn and be inspired together listening to our Mentors on the ON THE ROCKS with Jamie Wilson.

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  • January 26 9PM feat. Lugo Gonzalez (Grammy- nominated Music Producer)
  • February 2 9PM feat. Jag Garcia (Production Manager/ Director)
  • February 9 9PM feat .Wanggo Gallaga (Screenwriter/ Film Critic)
  • February 16 9PM feat. Geoff Langston (Music Manager)
  • February 23 9PM feat. Gino Cruz (Songwriter/Music Producer)