Creative Industries Philippines

     A thriving Creative sector contributes to a country’s creative economy by contributing to its GDP. The Creative Industries Philippines (CIP) was formed to unify and strengthen the local creative industries which include Music, Film, Design, Fashion, Architecture, Cultural Sites and Museums, Performing Arts, Books and Publishing, Traditional Cultural Expressions, Crafts, Visual Arts, Advertising, Photography, Gaming, Animation, Software Development and Web Design, Live Events, to name a few.

     Artkipelago supports CIP and its vision to galvanize and formalize the Philippine Creative sector through education to grow the workforce and deepen the skills of professional practitioners aspiring Creatives.

The Enrique Zobel Foundation

     Established in 1990, the E. Zobel Foundation was founded by the late Don Enrique Zobel who believed that “through education there is hope for a better life”

     Taking this cue from the businessman-philanthropist the Foundation seeks to contribute to the evolution of public education, learning, self-growth and well-being by focusing on six major program areas:

– Education and Learning
– Health and Nutrition
– Culture and the Arts
– Women’s Empowerment
– Partnerships
– Special Projects

     The Foundation is thrilled to support Artkipelago via educational scholarships. We hope that the foundation's own principle of growth, transformation and empowerment of individuals by restoring hope, self-sufficiency and well-being can be activated via this program and help bring new inspiration to creatives around the Philippines and beyond.

Association of Cultural Officers of Philippine Educational Institutions

      ACOPEI is a national organization of cultural offices in Philippine educational institutions dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in nurturing and promoting culture and the arts among the youth in the country.

      As the creative industries and the education sector were greatly affected by the pandemic, most of the programs of our educational institutions were discontinued. With this, ACOPEI is one with Artkipelago in ensuring the continued education of our young artists, artist teachers and managers to help in the recovery and growth of the Philippine creative industries.

Inquirer Foundation

     Inquirer Foundation aims to empower the youth through education and advocate environment preservation and social work.

     All of our social initiatives have a meaningful goal of making a difference in the everyday life of Filipinos.

     “The Inquirer Foundation is grateful to Artkipelago for helping us extend opportunities and knowledge to aspiring individuals with creative inclinations. We hope that we can further our mission to empower the youth through these scholarship grants. May this learning opportunity inspire and ignite passion to propel our youth further to better themselves and achieve their dreams.”


      Kumuskolars is the first scholarship program of Kumu that aims to convert "dreamers to achievers" via empowering its beneficiaries with free access to quality and education. For the pioneer phase of the project, Kumu's Corporate Social Responsibility has partnered with - a premier online educational platform that offers creative courses featuring a line up of high-caliber mentors.

      Through this partnership, Kumu is able to offer short courses and learning programs in the forms of online classes, workshops, webinars, and video-on-demand in Music, Fashion Design, Film, Television, and Content Creation.